It is with honor and pleasure that we offer our beloved two hundred-year-old home available to all those who appreciate character, atmosphere, tranquility and history.
The area offers beautiful nature, tennis and golf courses, a large lake with water sports facilities and vineyards, high-quality restaurants, picturesque villages and exciting cultural sites. All this with the incredible Côte d’Azur nearby!
And read about the independent powerwoman avant-la-lettre, who played such a remarkable roll in the history of Seillans.

La Vicomtesse’s Features

Start your day with a croissant and a coffee on one of the terraces of La Vicomtesse. At the end of the day, before heading to one of the excellent restaurants, enjoy a delicious glass of wine produced in the village. With 4 spacious and luxurious bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 terraces, a large fully equipped kitchen with adjoining dining room and a lovely living room, the more than 140 m2 of historic La Vicomtesse offer an ideal base for a relaxing and varied stay.
Our house is available for a maximum of 8 guests, using the 4 bedrooms with double bed and the 2 bathrooms on the floor. LVdS can of course also be booked for 2, 4 or 6 persons. You always have the house exclusively to yourself. The well-equipped kitchen and the living room offer you all the necessary comfort. The roof terrace offers a beautiful view over Seillans and its surroundings.
In the basement you will find – next to the central heating – the washing machine and the dryer, as well as 2 mountain bikes at your disposal.
Roof terrace – The second living room with view on the Fayence valley and the Esterel.




Between the village of Seillans and the Pays de Fayence, the Var, the Provence, the Alpes-Maritimes and the French Riviera, you will have a wide choice of activities. From wine to gastronomy, from culture to nature, from rest to physical activities, all under the sun of the south, and close to the Mediterranean Sea.
See the LINKS page for the daytime activities we have selected for you.

Some stories about the village and our house…

The Viscountess of Seillans

The Viscountess Charlotte de Rostaing (1848-1932) was the first woman to receive the Order of Agricultural Merit. In 1883, she founded “Les Parfums de Seillans”, the first perfume house to conceive the variation of perfumes through product lines.
It was after the death in 1870 of her second husband – the Viscount de Rostaing – that Charlotte de Rostaing visited India for the first time. Back in her late husband’s big house in Seillans, she found the village exanguinated, devastated by cholera and the phylloxera epidemic which destroyed the culture of the vine, the main economic resource of the village.
The viscountess decides to participate in the reconstruction of the local economy by creating a new industry. A friend, who worked for a perfume company in Grasse, suggested that she grow flowers on his land, which his company would later buy. The Viscountess declined the offer and decided to grow her own flowers, with the villagers, in the perfume factory she created in Seillans. She planted jasmine, violets and roses, which grew thanks to the irrigation systems she brought back from her various trips.
In addition to her entrepreneurial talents, the Marquise de Rostaing demonstrated innovative business ideas. In 1883 the first harvest resulted in the opening of “La Parfumerie de Seillans”, and the creation of a whole range of products: eau de toilette, perfumed creams, soaps and rice powder. Its successes lead to an economic prosperity for which it is still acclaimed today…

9 Rue du Haut Four

The Maison de Maître on Rue du Haut Four has retained the charm of its era thanks to all its former owners. Franc and Cléo are aware of the responsibility that weighs on their shoulders: to carefully renovate the house while preserving its character.